Senior Researcher (Economist)


Andrew Partridge is a Senior Researcher (Economist) at Research ICT Africa with a focus on applied econometric modelling, analysis of survey data and policy analysis. Prior to working at RIA he worked as a consultant for Cenfri where his work focused on digitalisation, inclusive payment systems and financial consumer protection. Prior to this he worked as a senior economist for the Provincial Government in South Africa, advising key stakeholders and leading research on agrarian development, rural livelihoods, sustainable resource use and trade policy. He has conducted a number of impact assessments and has directly informed several important government policies and strategies in South Africa. Prior to this he also worked as a data analyst for the South African Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) on the National Income and Dynamic Study (NIDS). Andrew holds a Master’s in economics with application to development from the University of Cape Town (UCT) and is currently working on his PhD which looks at rural livelihood dynamics in South Africa.

By Andrew Partridge