Researcher & Information Systems and Data Manager


Nawal is a Researcher and Information systems and Data Manager at Research ICT Africa. She is also the AI Ethics Researcher and Technical Lead at the Global Index on Responsible AI, where she worked and collaborated on research projects that aim at high societal digital impact and policy actions. She works in policy development research and issues related to digital technologies, internet governance and machine learning, and artificial intelligence. She also worked as a Researcher and Independent Consultant for a number of organisations in Sudan.

Nawal’s research interests lie in the intersection of technology, democracy, and human rights. She has a strong commitment to open knowledge principles, utilising data for social good, and strongly believes in women’s potential and power, and in a better world by acknowledging that.

She holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology (Business Intelligence), and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Khartoum, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences.

By Nawal Omar