Tanzania ICT Sector Performance Review 2009/2010

Mary Materu-Behitsa · Bitrina D. Diyamett

Towards Evidence-based ICT Policy and Regulation – Vol 2 Paper 11 – 2010

Tanzania’s telecommunications sector was the fastest growing sector of the economy in 2009, recording 21.9% growth, up from 20.5% in 2008 (Tanzania Budget Speech 2010/2011).

The communication Act of 1993 paved the way for the liberalization of the telecommunication sector, while the National Telecommunication Policy (NTP) of 1997 provided the framework for further reforms and private-sector engagement in the sector.

A milestone in telecom liberalization was achived by the establishment of the  Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) in 2003 as an independent agency for the regulating and licensing of postal, broadcast and communication industries. The TCRA is mandated to promote competition and economic efficiency, protect consumer interests, grant licenses and enforce license  conditions, regulate tariffs, and monitor performance.

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Suggested citation

Materu-Behitsa, M., & D. Diyamett, B. (2010). Tanzania ICT Sector Performance Review 2009/2010. Research ICT Africa. https://researchictafrica.net/publication/tanzania-ict-sector-performance-review-20092010/