Research Manager


Naila is the Operation Director at RIA. She is responsible for developing institutional and research operational systems and processes to ensure effective implementation of the strategic plan. As a Project Manager, she has oversight of all on-going grants and projects at RIA, for which she develops systems to monitor all research operations to ensure a timely execution of individual research projects, adherence to budget parameters, and appropriate allocation of assignments to researchers.
Prior to joining RIA, Naila was employed by Frost & Sullivan as a Senior Industry Analyst for the ICT sector. Naila worked on projects that focused on ICT market analysis and sizing; competitive and strategic analysis; market entry strategies; commercial due diligence; and analysing regulatory frameworks. The geographic scope of these projects was the Sub-Saharan African countries. She completed a project highlighting the regulatory changes in the SA ICT landscape while determining opportunities for the communication service providers. Other projects included: 5G Opportunities for the Middle East Region, the objective of which was to highlight the key cases that can beneficiate from a 5G network; African ICT Infrastructure Evolution, which provided a deeper understanding of the leading trends in the fibre, data centre and tower markets across South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania. This project also entailed the development of an infrastructure investment model to understand the magnitude of funds required to increase connectivity reach. Other projects were also around the commercial due diligence analysis for cloud computing market in West Africa, and a merger or acquisition opportunity in Nigeria within the IPTV market. Naila is fluent in English, Portuguese and Gujarati.

By Naila Govan-Vassen