After Access surveys: what to expect in 2024

2023 saw the completion of fieldwork for 2022 After Access surveys across seven countries, namely South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, and Tanzania. The RIA team, under the guidance of the country partners, is now gearing up to write the microenterprise, household, and individual reports. 

The microenterprise reports focus on analysis of the ICT access trends. This report highlights the main barriers to access, including device ownership, and persistence of the impacts of COVID-19. It also includes an analysis of the ways in which microenterprises use ICTS, focusing on use cases of business tools, financial services, and the buying and selling of goods and services (e-commerce). 

The household and individual reports provide a descriptive overview of each country’s performance on other key ICT performance measures, such as the socio-economic indicators and performance on global digital.

Each country will have a special focus depending on country policy priorities. 

Further to the country reports, we will produce comparative reports focusing on platform workers, digital financial services and gender. As part of this research, we are planning to conduct Ethnographic Research in 2024 . This research focuses on the socio-economic and digital realities and experiences of women in the selected environments. The papers will be produced between January and August 2024.