RIA @ UN IGF 2021

Research ICT Africa
30 Nov 2021

The UN IGF is global conference that brings together various stakeholders’ groups annually to discuss policy and development matters related to the internet. The IGF2021 is hosted by the Government of Poland and is taking place in Katowice Poland from 6-10 December. This year’s forum is taking place under the overarching theme “Internet United” and will be hybrid in nature with both in-person and online participation.  Registration to the UN IGF2021 is still open here!

In the run up to the Forum Research ICT Africa have been involved in some of the intersessional and preparatory meetings. RIA will also be active hopefully on the ground and online with participation in several  panels. One of the few upsides to the online format of the conference like last year, is that more people, particularly from the global South can engage in five days of intense back on back workshops, panel discussions and high level multilateral declarations:

  • Dr Alison Gillwald Executive Director will moderate the session on Internet Governance and the Pandemic at the “GigaNet Annual Symposium 2021”  Monday, December 6th, 2021;  13:00 UCT/15:00 SAST  The session will engage on  the latest cutting edge internet governance research from the only dedicated academic conference on Internet Governance. See the full programme from platform regulation to digital sovereignty here.
  • Oarabile Mundongo, MDF Fellow will be a panelist on the panel titled  “Youth Talk about IoT Security and AI misuse”  on Tuesday  December 7th,  2021; 16:00 UTC /18:00 SAST  The session will provide capacity building to young participants  in the policy-making process to provide solutions for new cybersecurity threats, strengthen the capabilities of the future technological developments, and in this way influence the future of technology adoption. Full session details are available here
  • Dr Alison Gillwald will moderate a panel with Dr Yik Chan Chin on “Antitrust regulation of Internet platforms in global outlook” on Wednesday, December 8th , 2021 (14:05 UTC/16:05 SAST)The international panel will include chief economist from the South African Competition Commission, James Hodge, internet governance pioneer, Prof Milton Mueller, Georgie Tech,  and Dr. He Qing, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications as well as Ms Albana Karapanco, visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, Albania.For  further  details on this session, click here
  • Dr Alison Gillwald, Executive Director,  will be part of the high level IGF Parliamentary Track, Session titled “AI governance: What do we regulate and how”  taking place on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021; 11:30 UCT/13:30 SAST. This session is part of the  dedicated track at the IGF allowing, parliamentarians to debate on the key topics and convene in a parliamentary roundtable. To learn more about the Parliamentary track, follow this link
  • Dr Alison Gillwald Executive Director and Kristofina Shilongo  Researcher “Data justice: What is to be done?”  Wednesday, December 8th 2021; 12:50 UCT/14:60 SAST  will engage some of the leading minds including Dr Linnet Taylor, Parminder Singh on  how to move beyond narrow considerations of individualised privacy and security to governance and regulatory interventions that will redress exclusion, discrimination and underrepresentation to produce more inclusive, equitable and just outcomes.  Follow this conversation via this link
  • Senka Hadzic, Research Associate will be leading the discussion on “Sustainable Funding Models for Community Networks” on  Thursday, December 9th , 2021; 12:50 UTC/ 14:50 SAST. This sessions is focused on on bringing to the attention of the IGF and exploring the forum’s rolled in addressing the principles, approaches, business models, incentives and coordinated actions by various stakeholders to spur investments in connectivity solutions and enable more affordable Internet access in developing countries. Follow here to learn more