ICT Access and Use Surveys

2017 RIA Business Survey

2017 RIA and HH IND Questionnaire

Western Cape Digital Readiness Assessment 2015

7th Africa DNS Forum: African Digital Economy

State of ICT in Mozambique

African digital platforms and the future of digital financial services

WEF: Understanding the gender gap in the Global South

AfterAccess wins EQUALSinTech 2018 Research Award

After Access: The state of ICT in South Africa

We can’t tell if we’re closing the digital divide without more data

Vacancy-Research Manager

After Access highlights: Using evidence from the Global South to reshape our digital future

State of ICT in Lesotho

What is the state of micro-work in Africa? A view from seven countries

Onkokame Mothobi participating in ITU Expert Group on Telecommunication/ICT Indicators (EGTI)

Cost of smartphones continues the digital divide in Tanzania

After Access Surveys – Questionnaires, Methodology, and Timeframe

Beyond Access data: Research ICT Africa (RIA) ICT household surveys in 2017

World Summit on the Information Society 2017: High level policy statement

Beyond Access Surveys

Disentangling the broadband divide in Rwanda: supply-side vs demand-side

Measuring Information Society Report 2016: Acknowledgments

GIS 2016: economic, social and cultural rights (ESCRs) and the internet

World Bank seminar on Gender & ICT – A Gender Gap Analysis of Zambia

Western Cape Digital Readiness

Household & Individual Survey

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