Alison Gillwald appointed as a coordinator for T20 task force

Research ICT Africa Executive Director Alison Gillwald has been appointed as a coordinator for sub-track 1 on  Digital Inclusion and Meaningful Universal Connectivity of the T20 Brasil Task-Force on Inclusive Digital Transformation. The T20 (Think20) is a G20 engagement group that brings together think tanks and research centres from G20 members and guest countries and organisations.

This year, 2024, Brazil takes the presidency of the G20, as part of the India, Brazil, South Africa troika leadership of the multilateral organisation. In 2023, India held leadership, while in 2025, South Africa will take over. The T20 taskforce was established through the G20 to develop policies to, among other things,  ensure technological advancements are equally distributed and contribute positively to the realization of the SDGs. 

“It is such an honour to be able to contribute to this strategic moment with the IBSA troika leadership of the G20 and collaborate with partners to develop an integrated, digital agenda that surfaces the interests of the majority world,” says Gillwald.

Digital governance was identified, through previous T20 work, as one of the six greatest challenges of our era, based on inputs from over 100 think tanks around the world.

This year’s T20 theme is “Let’s re-think the world”. Policy broefs submitted by the 6 T20 task forces will feed  into policy recommendations that support the G20 in addressing global challenges.

T20 Brasil’s Call for Policy Brief Abstracts has been extended to 5 February 2024. Visit the T20 Let’s Rethink the World website for more information and criteria for the abstracts.