Global Index on Responsible AI is Selected for the Paris Peace Forum Scale-Up Program

We are delighted to announce that the Global Index on Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) was selected at the recent Paris Peace Forum 2022 for a year of support through the forum’s Scale-up Program! The program is designed to accelerate the profile, reach, and impact of selected projects and entails working closely with expert and world-recognised  mentors who will support our team throughout the year. We are honoured to have been selected and look forward to working closely with our mentors to take the Global Index on Responsible AI to new heights.

The Paris Peace Forum 2022

The fifth edition of the Paris Peace Forum was hosted this year at the Palais Brongniart in the heart of Paris, under the theme “Riding Out The Multicrisis”. In an era of emergency and uncertainty, the world is going through compounded and multifold crises, from worsening climate change, successive COVID-19 waves, and deepening inequalities to new and lasting geopolitical conflicts of global consequences. By putting forward transnational solutions, initiatives and debates, the forum has shown examples of resolve, resilience, solidarity and innovation from stakeholders of the Global North and South to address today’s most pressing issues in the midst of a volatile and fast-changing context.

This year’s Paris Peace Forum was focused on exploring how to mitigate the compounded and multifold crises facing the world by fostering a renewed multilateralism. The forum brought together hundreds of global governance actors who provided input on ways to  understand and address the multicrisis and prevent a destructive world polarisation that would jeopardise the collective efforts on many critical challenges for humanity.

The Global Index on Responsible AI at The Paris Peace Forum 2022

The Global Index on Responsible Artificial Intelligence was showcased as one of 70 “Solutions for Peace” at the Paris Peace Forum. The Global Index is led by Research ICT Africa’s Director of AI, Dr. Rachel Adams. She participated in three roundtable discussions by moderating a session on South-South Cooperation in Cyber Capacity Building, and featuring as a panellist on a session organised by the OECD entitled, “Managing AI Risk: Perspectives from Around the World”. The last session that Dr. Adams’ participated in was on “Making AI work for International Development” where she also discussed the African Observatory on Responsible Artificial Intelligence, an Artificial Intelligence for Development (AI4D) funded project. The African Observatory on Responsible AI engages in a number of different activities that support building the capacity and raising the visibility of African AI research.

About the Global Index on Responsible AI

The Global Index on Responsible AI is a new global project of Research ICT Africa and Data for Development Network ( with funding from Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) that will assess practice and commitments toward responsible AI at a country level in more than 120 countries. The objective of the Global Index is to provide a comprehensive, reliable, independent and comparative benchmark for assessing the progress towards responsible AI around the world. It will measure efforts made to guarantee and promote responsible AI practices, as well as build a repository of good governance and policy innovations in this area. The Global Index is being developed to equip governments, civil society, intergovernmental organisations, human rights defenders, and the general public with evidence to determine the level of rights-based AI governance and practice around the world. 

The Global Index is developing a series of benchmarks and measurement areas to guide the responsible use of AI in both the private and public spheres of society. The project seeks to address the need for inclusive, measurable indicators that reflect a common understanding of what responsible AI means in practice.