RIA Joins the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

An important aspect of RIA’s research is “Data Justice”, which is a thread that runs through all our data and artificial intelligence (AI) research. RIA has been able to bring this lens to the work of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), a multi-stakeholder initiative that emerged out of discussions within the G7 group of countries. The GPAI is is a multi-stakeholder initiative, which aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice on AI by supporting cutting-edge research and applied activities on AI-related priorities.

Built around a shared commitment to the OECD Recommendations on AI, the GPAI brings together engaged minds and expertise from science, industry, civil society, governments, international organisations and academia to foster international cooperation.

RIA’s executive director, who was invited earlier this year to join the data governance working group chaired by Jeni Tennison and Maja Bogataj, pulled together an initial concept note on Data Justice with RIA’s data governance team, which was selected as one of two themes for the working group’s agenda for the multiyear research programme – the other being Data Trusts.

The Data Justice workstream is being co-chaired by Alison Gillwald and Dewey Murdick, with the support of Ed Teather from the GPAI Montréal Centre of Expertise, and other data governance and AI experts from the world. This engagement has already enriched RIA’s work in this area.

The Working Group will put out Terms of Reference for both these works streams shortly for advisors with experience in the Global South and marginalised communities throughout the world, so do follow the progress of the GPAI and various working groups here.