Gillwald contributes to TRALAC publication on Trade in the Digital Economy

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RIA’s Executive Director, Alison Gillwald contributed to a collection of articles curated by the Trade Law Centre (TRALAC) on Trade in the Digital Economy. Other authors contributing to this collection include Paul Esselaar, Ashly Hope, Gavin van der Nest and John Stuart.

According to TRALAC, “The wheels of international trade are powered by the Internet. From the smallest informal trade to a major supply agreement, contracts are transacted online; whether via email, e-commerce store, or digital platform. Any formal trade relies on the Internet for implementation – financing, documentation and logistics are all digitally driven, and becoming more and more so. Whether it is an emailed order, an online purchase, or merely the financial arrangements behind the transaction, the Internet will inevitably be used in conducting international trade…There are huge opportunities for digitalisation to increase and improve Africa’s trade environment. It is crucial to the success of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) that the reality of today’s digital economy is recognised and reflected. The AfCFTA Agreement itself has a role to play. Although not shaped as the kind of 21st century agreement that would provide a rules-based framework for the digital economy, there are areas, still to be negotiated, that have potential to shape the free trade area in a more digital-friendly way.”

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