Africa Digital Policy Project @IGF 2017

Research ICT Africa is pleased to announce the further evolution of its public interest research agenda with the establishment of a project dedicated to the development of cyber policy for Africa. The new Africa Digital Policy Project, is one of three regional policy centres initiated and funded by IDRC to develop capacity in the Global South. The Project will build on RIA’s extensive work over the past decade to support evidence-based policymaking in Africa and beyond.

RIA’s Africa Digital Policy Project will focus specifically on Internet governance, digital rights, cybersecurity, innovation and other challenges related to the future and development of the Internet and digital economy and society in Africa. Not only will it undertake research on these themes, but it also endeavours to build the capacities of African stakeholders and policymakers to be better prepared for the challenges that accompany a digital age. To fulfil these objectives, the Project is in the process of forming a number of strategic alliances with partners that have specific expertise in varied aspects of digital policy. RIA and its Africa Digital Policy Project will be at the upcoming Internet Governance Forum (IGF), and invites you to meet with us there.