Press Statement Calling for the Withdrawal of the draft Online Content Regulation Policy

Civil Society and Industry Associations call on Film & Publications Board to Withdraw Draft Online Content Regulation Policy

A broad alliance of civil society and industry associations has issued a firm call for the Film and Publications Board (“the Board”) to withdraw its draft Online Content Regulation Policy, released for public comment on 4 March 2015. The call for the withdrawal is based on the unconstitutional, unlawful and unworkable nature of the draft, as well as the fact that it ignores several related Government processes.

A spokesperson for the alliance noted that “[W]e all accept the need to address the ease with which children are able to access pornography and other inappropriate content on the Internet as well as the extension of current offline classification undertaken by the Board into the online environment. This is a critical debate already taking place within the South African Law Reform Commission and the ICT Policy Review Process.”

Full statement available here