RIA fellow wins policy brief competition

Congratulations to Enrico Calandro, research fellow at Research ICT Africa, for winning the policy brief competition at CPRafrica2012/CPRsouth7 conference, held in Port Louis, Maurtius in September 2012.

Enrico Calandro’s policy brief was based on the paper “Internet going mobile: Internet access and usage in 11 African countries”, by Enrico Calandro, Christoph Stork and Alison Gillwald.

The runner-up policy brief winner was Dr Patient Rambe for his paper “Privacy invasion and exposure in Social Media: Learning with Facebook”.

The policy brief judges were Ms. Payal Malik (picture below) representing CPRsouth and Ms. Nadia Bulbulia representing CPRafrica, assisted by Dr Sujata Gamage of LIRNEasia. The competition was held for the first time and all the paper authors were asked to submit their policy briefs for the competition.