ICT access & usage survey 2011/12: methodology and first round high level descriptive findings

The Research ICT Africa 2011/2012 ICT access & usage survey delivers nationally representative indicators on household, individual and small business level. The survey uses national census sampling frames in co-operation with National Statistical Offices to deliver crucial data in a cost effective way.

Download the policy brief on the methodology of the Household and Small business e-access & usage survey  and the questionnaire.

While the 2007/8 African ICT access and usage survey demonstrated alarmingly little access to the Internet on the continent with a large-scale absence of personal computers and smart phones and compounded by the high cost of connectivity, whether fixed or mobile, the mobile phone is now the key entry point for Internet usage. This is one of the primary findings from the household and individual ICT access and usage survey conducted by Research ICT Africa in 2011/12. Other findings highlight the unevenness of Internet take up across and within countries. So while Namibia and Uganda demonstrate increased mobile Internet take up, in Tanzania and Ethiopia Internet usage remains negligible. In those countries where mobile Internet is driving connectivity this is being driven by social networking applications.

Download a presentation on Understanding Broadband demand in Africa: Internet going Mobile and a presentation on Measuring the use of social media through household surveys.