Multilateral Agencies Draw on RIA’s Expertise for Gender and ICT Workshop

The African Development Bank, UN Women and United Nations Economic Commission on Africa have held joint Regional Workshops on Gender Statistics since 2017. The aim of the training program is to bring policy analysis and statistics experts together to share innovations and best practises regarding gender statistics across Africa.

In May 2021, the group, along with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), hosted a two-day workshop on “Gender and ICT Data Collection and Production”.

The objective of the workshop was to strengthen the capacity of countries to produce national statistics and indicators on telecommunications and ICT in an effort to learn about the role and importance of women and girls in the digital economy, especially as this relates to COVID-19.

The workshop was targeted at users of gender statistics responsible for collecting or producing statistics in ministries, regulatory agencies and national statistical offices.

RIA’s senior research associate, Dr Onkokame Mothobi delivered a presentation at this training workshop highlighting how the gender lens was adopted in RIA’s After Access Survey, a survey that examined “beyond access” issues by undertaking in-depth nationally representative surveys of ICT access and use among the adult population in 10 African countries, amongst other Global South countries.

Mothobi’s presentation covered why survey data is important, the methodology used by RIA as well as the instruments used in the survey. An important issue surfaced by the survey is the urban-rural gender gap in internet use. Download his presentation below.