Alternative Policy and Regulatory Strategies for Developing Countries in the Digital Economy

Registration Deadline: 17 August 2018

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6th September 2018 Seminar 1: ICT indicators, measurement & evidence

Do you know where you stand in relation to Sustainable Development Goals ICT targets?
Do you have the data to report to your citizens, regional organisations and to international bodies?
Are you collecting the necessary administrative data to regulate the sector effectively?
Do you have demand side indicators to disaggregate data on basis of gender, income in pre-paid mobile markets for evidence based policy?
Using big data to measure progress towards SDG goals.

7th September 2018 Seminar 2- Alternative access  and spectrum strategies

Although OTTs / global platforms have offered ‘free’ substitutes for voice and SMS services, how can the people unable to afford the underlying data services get access?
Can dynamic/secondary spectrum use and allocation reduce cost to cover rural areas?
What can community networks add to the mix?
What should Africa be focusing on at the World Radiocommunications Conference?
The myth of 5G?

8th September Seminar 3 – Governance for the Digital Economy Cybersecurity, privacy and data protection

Do you have the necessary skills at a national level to create a secure and trusted environment for your citizens and in which e-commerce can flourish?
Why are data protection and privacy essential to creating critical infrastructure?
How can multistakeholder collaboration enhance digital policy?
Does the European General Data Protection Regulation effect you?
Can you assess your cyber-capacity?

Why attend?

Take time out to reflect on the impact of data; the rapidly changing technology and need for policy and regulatory innovation in resources and institutionally constrained settings; and how to deliver on public policy objectives of equitable Internet access of adequate quality necessary for social and economic inclusion in globalised economy.

Who should attend?

Policy advisors and regulators; telecommunications managers and strategists; ICT advocates and academics.


Attend one (R750), two (R1500) or three days (R2000)

Facilitators include:

Dr I. Brown,  Principal Scientific Officer at the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
Dr E. Calandro, Senior Researcher, Research ICT Africa
Prof A. Gillwald, Nelson Mandela School of Governance and former South African regulator
S. Lokanathan, Team Lead, Big Data for Development, LIRNEasia
Prof H. Nwana founding partner of Cenerva, current Executive Director Emeritus of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance
Prof R. Samarajiva,  Chairman of Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA)
S. Song, founder of Village Telco

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