Bridging policy and technical research on internet measurements in Africa

On the first of June 2017 at the Africa Internet Summit in Nairobi Kenya, Research ICT Africa (RIA) and  AFRINIC officially formalised the coming together of the technical community and the policy research community in ICT. RIA and AFRINIC decided to enter into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on Internet-related research topics. Those include, among others, broadband performance, the transition to IPv6, surveillance and cyber security. The research collaboration between the two institutions emerged out of a mutual understanding that there is a need for individuals and organisations working for an open and accessible Internet to move from working in silos to working together. In an interview with AFRINIC’s Research and Innovation Manager Amreesh Phoker, and RIA’s Research Manager Enrico Calandro, the former pointed out that this is a new initiative that will shift research approaches and impact policy processes in Africa.

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