Measuring ICT and Gender: An Assessment

The Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development recently released a report, Measuring ICT and Gender: An Assessment.  The report constitutes part of the efforts by the Task Group on Gender (TGG) of the Partnership on Measuring ICT for development to improve the availability of sex-disaggregated data.

As a member of the TGG spearheaded by the ITU and UNCTAD, RIA’s contribution to the report was based on their experience conducting surveys at household, individual and business levels. By disaggregating ICT access and use data into various categories, including gender, RIA provided input on how ICT use is currently measured in terms of gender in the countries surveyed.

The report takes stock of the ICT indicators currently available on gender, identifies the gaps and proposes possible indicators that could enrich the data on ICT and Gender. It is the first step in the work of the TGG and is intended to serve as a basis for further discussions at the country level.

The report is available on the UNCTAD website.