Executive Training 2011 – Connectivity & Convergence

Successfully offered through the UCT GSB in association with Research ICT Africa and LIRNE.net, this programme is designed to enhance the strategic thinking of a select group of senior decision-makers in telecom and related sectors in developing countries and emerging economies. The aim of the programme is to address the many challenges posed by the current stage of telecom and ICT reform to governments, regulatory agencies, operators and other stakeholders.  The certainties of yesterday are no more: traditional approaches to the licensing of networks and services is being challenged by converging technologies services and innovative business models; individual assignments of frequencies are being questioned in the light of new standards such as Wi-Fi and WiMax; the distinctions between wired and wireless are being blurred; classic price regulation is becoming less central to the missions of regulatory agencies; new pro-poor business strategies are challenging conventional universal service models; and all industry players are being challenged to address content issues at various levels.

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