Amy Mahan Scholarship Awards

As part of the initiative to build African ICT policy skills, and in remembrance of RIA partner Amy Mahan, six students were awarded scholarships to undertake PhDs in the area of ICT policy and regulation or indicators.

In celebration of the life of Amy Mahan and in recognition of the passionate commitment to the improvement of the lives of those most marginalised in society she demonstrated through her research, collaboration and mentorship.

Names and topics

Wolde Amde
Emerging Information Communication Technology and Social Context: Exploring how ICT uptake and usage are mediated by social context, and the impact of ICT on social transformation in Ethiopia
University of the Western Cape – PhD in Public Health

Enrico Calandro
Regionalism and ICT sector development in Southern Africa
University of Cape Town – Graduate School of Business

Cecilia Matanga
The Role of Parliament in ICT Policy and Regulations Reforms in Africa
University of Cape Town – Graduate School of Business

Margaret Ndungu
Development Outcomes of Internet and Mobile Phone Usage to Households’ Quality of Life in Kenya
University of Nairobi, School of Computing and Informatics

Muriuki Mureithi
Strategies to harmonise ICT policy and regulatory frameworks in East African Community for regional integration
Accra Institute of Technology Ghana

Mamadou Ly
L’accès et l’utilisation des TIC en Afrique subsaharienne: analyse de la pauvreté numérique à partir des micros données/ Acces to and usage of ICT in Subsaharan contries: Digital Poverty Analysis at micro level
Cheikh Anta DIOP ‘s University. PhD course is economic (applied macroeconomic)