The RIA Podcast

The RIA podcast offers technology and digital policy news and insights from an African perspective and covers all things tech, digital and policy on the African continent and beyond.


Date Title Duration
15th Sep 2020 3:49 pm South Africa's new COVID-19 contact tracing app
A discussion on COVID-19 contact tracing and South Africa's new contact tracing app with Dr. David Johnson.
27th Aug 2020 3:00 pm The platform economy: Flexibility or race to the bottom?
A discussion about inequality, power and labour rights in the platform economy with Prof Darcy du Toit and Dr Ruediger Helm.
31st Jul 2020 10:52 am Alternative models for the digital economy - Social impact tech start-ups and platform co-operatives
A discussion with Prof. Barry Dwolatzky and Fairuz Mullagee
29th Jun 2020 4:08 pm Cybersecurity capacity: a discussion with Dr. Enrico Calandro
A discussion on cybersecurity capacity with Dr. Enrico Calandro, Co-director of the Cybersecurity Capacity Centre for Southern Africa
28th May 2020 5:47 pm The debate on contact tracing and human rights
RIA investigates the legal, regulatory and human rights aspects of contact tracing in South Africa.
9th Apr 2020 11:43 am COVID-19 and Digital Inequality in South Africa
Interview with Research ICT Africa Executive Director Dr Alison Gillwald.
23rd Mar 2020 4:34 pm The Right to Privacy
with UN Special rapporteur on the Right to Privacy Prof. Joeseph Cannataci
5th Nov 2019 1:56 pm The City of Joburg Hack
In our pilot episode we discuss the City of Johannesburg Hack and cybersecurity in the African Public Sector with cybersecurity professional Kundai Gwatidzo.