Understanding what is happening in ICT in South Africa

Alison Gillwald · Mpho Moyo · Christoph Stork

While the South African information and communication technology (ICT) sector continues to demonstrate dynamic growth, particularly as driven by the mobile sector, the growth has not met the national objective of affordable access to the full range of communication services. Access to mobile services continues to grow, however, broadband access (particularly access to fixed broadband) remains very low in comparison to other lower-middle-income countries, and the prices of all communication services remain high by both African and global standards.

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Suggested citation

Gillwald, A., Moyo, M., & Stork, C. (2010). Understanding what is happening in ICT in South Africa (Evidence for ICT Policy Action). Research ICT Africa. https://researchictafrica.net/publication/understanding-what-is-happening-in-ict-in-south-africa/