Submission on the South African Electronic Communications Amendment Bill

Enrico Calandro · Alison Gillwald · Goodiel Charles Moshi · Onkokame Mothobi · Broc Rademan

The Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services (Minister) published an invitation to provide written comments on the Electronic Communications Amendment Bill (Bill or ECAB) on the 17th of November 2017 (Government Gazette 41261, Government Notice No. 1293). The Bill seeks to implement and give effect to the policy objectives set out in the National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper, published in October of 2016.

RIA recommended that the DTPS withdraw the Electronic Communications Amendment Bill in its current form. This recommendation was based on a discussion of five substantive issues in the Bill:
• Institutional arrangements
• Spectrum
• Wireless Open Access Network
• Universal Access and Service, and
• Open Access and Vertically Integrated Networks.

Download RIA’s submission below.