Benchmarking National Communications Regulatory Authority Websites 2010

Monica Kerretts-Makau · Robertine Tankeu · Farouk Kamoun

Towards evidence-based ICT policy and regulation – Volume 2 Paper 2

This paper provides an executive overview of the communications sector’s National Regulatory Authorities’ (NRAs’) website benchmark results for Africa in 2010, which were evaluated between March and April 2010. The analysis ranks the online component of information provision and facilitation of regulatory processes.
This study follows previous regional surveys conducted in 2008 (Kerretts-Makau, 2009) and in 2004-05 (Mahan, 2004), which examined the extent to which regulators were using websites to inform and communicate with the public – including consumers and citizens, the private sector, media actors and researchers and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.
The benchmarking assessment documents the incidence of different aspects that are important for a regulator’s web presence across the categories of basic information and responsiveness, factual information about the national telecom sector, consumer and citizen information including universal service and complaints procedures, business related information and forms, and information about the regulator and regulatory processes.

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Suggested citation

Kerretts-Makau, M., Tankeu, R., & Kamoun, F. (2010). Benchmarking National Communications Regulatory Authority Websites 2010 (Towards Evidence-Based ICT Policy and Regulation). Research ICT Africa.