Date Authors Title Event Location Download
19th Apr 2011 Christoph Stork Mobile Termination Rate Debate in Africa CPRafrica Nairobi
19th Apr 2011 Patient Rambe Social Convergence in Social Media: Possibilities and Clashes of Identity on Facebook Mobile and Blogs CPRafrica Nairobi
19th Apr 2011 Helani Galpaya · Shazna Zuhyle South Asian Broadband Service Quality: Diagnosing bottlenecks CPRafrica Nairobi
19th Apr 2011 Izaak Coetzee · Andrew Barendse Regulatory Impact Assessments as a new form of governance in the South African communications sector: the case of Call Terminations regulations CPRafrica Nairobi
19th Apr 2011 Enrico Calandro · Mpho Moyo Models and strategies for ICT Infrastructure investment in selected African countries: a regulatory perspective CPRafrica Nairobi
18th Apr 2011 Margaret Nyambura Ndung'u Factors Influencing Usage of the New Technologies in Low Income Households in Kenya CPRafrica Nairobi
18th Apr 2011 Lucy Irungu CPRafrica2011 Opening Speech: Building ICT Research Capacity for Africa Held in Nairobi CPRafrica Nairobi
18th Apr 2011 Zenzo Polite Ncube · J M Hattingh Investigation of Telecommunications Proliferation and Other Factors on Economic Growth and Social Development Using LRSA CPRafrica Nairobi
18th Apr 2011 Augustin Chabossou Le Marche du Telephone Mobile en Zone UEM : Pouvoir de Marche et Intensite Concurrentielle CPRafrica Nairobi
18th Apr 2011 Metasebya Belayneh · Tekie Alemu Competition and Mobile Penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa CPRafrica Nairobi
18th Apr 2011 Woldekidan Amde Investigating gender associated pattern in ICT Access and Usage in Ethiopia CPRAfrica Nairobi
18th Apr 2011 Mamadou Alhadji Ly ICT access and usage in Sub-Saharan Africa: Digital poverty analysis at individual level CPRafrica Nairobi
3rd Mar 2011 Christoph Stork M-Banking the unbanked Mobile Banking Southern Africa Conference and Exhibition Johannesburg
16th Nov 2010 Timothy M. Waema ICT Sector Performance Review 2009/10 University of Nairobi Nairobi
23rd Sep 2010 Alison Gillwald Economy of Infrastructure: ICT National Planning Commission Johannesburg
28th Jul 2010 Alison Gillwald Handbook on Strengthening ICT Parliamentary Committees in SADC Parliaments Support to ICT Strategic Planning in the SADC Parliaments Alison Gillwald
2nd Sep 2009 Alison Gillwald Good intentions, poor outcomes – SA telecom reform in review i-week Johannesburg