Date Authors Title Event Location Download
29th Jun 2016 Alison Gillwald Reinventing Government in the Digital Age Gauteng e-Government Stratplan Johannesburg
8th Jun 2016 Alison Gillwald Reinventing Public Interest Policy and Regulation in the Digital Age zambia information and communications technology authority Public Lecture Lusaka
26th Jan 2016 Alison Gillwald Over-The-Top (OTT) Services Parliamentary hearing on OTT services Cape Town
16th Jan 2016 Enrico Calandro Governing an Internet of Risks Public Hearings Centurion
5th Jan 2016 Alison Gillwald · Enrico Calandro · Broc Rademan · Chenai Chair · Mpho Moyo Developing Smart Public Wi-Fi in South Africa Public Wifi Flyer Western Cape, South Africa
10th Nov 2015 Chenai Chair Africa supply side assessment of Zero rating 2015 Internet Governance Forum João Pessoa, Brazil
15th Oct 2015 Safia Khan South Africa Connect: Creating Opportunities, Ensuring Inclusion ITU Indicator Workshop Addis Ababa
15th Oct 2015 Safia Khan Composition and evolution of ICT price baskets in Africa ITU Indicator Workshop Addis Ababa
15th Oct 2015 Safia Khan Cost effective methodologies for ICT survey design in Africa ITU Indicator Workshop Addis Ababa
11th Oct 2015 Chenai Chair ICT as a Tool of Development Film and Publication board: Classification and online protection conference Johannesburg
2nd Sep 2015 Alison Gillwald Lies, damned lies and statistics: ICT access & affordability indicators and indices African School of Internet Governance Addis Ababa
26th Apr 2015 Alison Gillwald Political economy of indicators and indices: assessing the quality of evidence Young Scholars Seminar: Research to Policy Influence Taiwan
10th Dec 2014 Research ICT Africa Mapping multistakeholder participation in internet governance from an African perspective Results of a survey on African Internet Governance Cape Town
22nd Aug 2014 Alison Gillwald Broadcasting in the digital age National Association of Broadcasters Johannesburg
12th Aug 2014 Alison Gillwald Measuring broadband access, use, price and QoS Association for Progressive Communication: Expert Meeting on Public Policy on Access to Content and Connectivity in Africa Johannesburg
1st Jan 2014 Alliance For Affordable Internet Alliance For Affordable Internet Methodology Overview 2014 Alliance For Affordable Internet Report Washington D.C
1st Dec 2013 Christoph Stork · Nilusha Kapugama · Rohan Samarajiva Mobile-phone interventions for improving economic and productive outcomes for farm and non-farm rural enterprises and households in low and middle-income countries 2013 Economic Impact of Mobile Phones Cape Town
10th Sep 2013 Christoph Stork Mobile money in Africa: Bridging the financial gap and unlocking entrepreneurial potential 2013 CPR South Conference Mysore, India