Date Authors Title Event Location Download
3rd Sep 2018 Chenai Chair · Ariane De Lannoy Can the Internet be the disruptor needed to deal with the intractable problems faced by African youth? CPRsouth Conference Maputo
29th May 2018 Alison Gillwald The 5G Journey in Africa – Challenges and Opportunities 5G Huddle Durban
8th May 2018 Enrico Calandro · Sarah Kiden Internet performance in Africa: a throughput, latency, and content hosting analysis Africa Internet Summit Dakar
15th Mar 2018 Onkokame Mothobi · Alison Gillwald · Aude Schoentgen The Adoption of Microwork in Sub-Saharan Africa ITS Africa 2018 Lusaka
28th Feb 2018 Enrico Calandro · Josiah Chavula · Amreesh Phokeer Measuring Internet development in Africa from a content use, hosting and distribution perspective Research Methods Workshop Kampala
13th Feb 2018 Alison Gillwald · Onkokame Mothobi Measuring digital inequality in South Africa WEF Internet for All Data Working Group Johannesburg
18th Dec 2017 Alison Gillwald Let the People Speak: using evidence from the Global South to reshape our digital future 2017 Internet Governance Forum Geneva
18th Dec 2017 Enrico Calandro · Chenai Chair · Onkokame Mothobi What digital future for vulnerable people? IGF Geneva Geneva
31st Oct 2017 Research ICT Africa Data pricing trends in South Africa Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Telecommunications and Postal Services South Africa
17th Oct 2017 Onkokame Mothobi Data Service Market Inquiry Competition Commission Market Inquiry Pretoria
9th Oct 2017 Alison Gillwald High Level ICT Gender Indicators: #afteraccess Household and Individual ICT Survey 2017 World Telecommunication Development Conference 2017 Buenos Aires
28th Sep 2017 Alison Gillwald Inclusive development & digital transformation in Africa: research needs/evidence/gaps Forum for Internet Freedom in Africa Johannesburg
20th Sep 2017 Chenai Chair Online Safety in Africa: locating the end user’s perspective Facebook & CJCP Safety Open House Cape Town
11th Jul 2017 Christoph Stork Mobile Trends in Africa GSMA 360 2017 Dar Es Salaam
12th Jun 2017 Alison Gillwald WSIS High Level Policy Statement 2017 World Summit on the Information Society Geneva
30th May 2017 Enrico Calandro Beyond access Measuring Digital Inequalities Africa Internet Summit 2017 Nairobi
30th May 2017 Chenai Chair Challenges in measuring affordability and understanding user strategies: Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and Nigeria study Africa Internet Summit 2017: Internet measurement Initiatives in Africa Nairobi
8th Mar 2017 Alison Gillwald Internet Use Barriers and User Strategies: Perspectives from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Rwanda Mozilla Equal Rating Demo New York