Date Authors Title Event Location Download
21st Jun 2021 Shamira Ahmed A gender perspective on the use of artificial intelligence in Africa’s fintech industry: Case studies from South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana International Telecommunications Society (ITS) 23rd Biennial Conference: Digital societies and industrial transformations: Policies, markets, and technologies in a post-Covid world Gothenburg (online)
3rd Jun 2021 Anri van der Spuy Technologies of Risk Africa Data Leadership Initiative Roundtable Webinar
11th Dec 2020 Alison Gillwald New Digital Deal for Africa: Beyond the rhetoric of the 4th Industrial Revolution 2020 Science Forum South Africa Webinar
7th Dec 2020 Alison Gillwald Measuring Digital Inclusion Telecommunication Union’s 17th Annual World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium (WTIS) Webinar
14th Oct 2020 Alison Gillwald Readiness for the Digital Economy in Africa? Intergovernmental Group of Experts on E-commerce and the Digital Economy, Fourth Session Geneva (online)
25th Sep 2020 Shamira Ahmed Digitalisation and sustainable development in the Global South Ecological Economy Research (IÖW) Conference: Workshop 2.6 Digitalisation, post-growth and sustainable development: different pathways for the Global South and the Global North? Berlin (online)
29th Jul 2020 Alison Gillwald The impact of ICT infrastructure on COVID-19 International Telecommunications Union webinar on digital inequality and COVID-19 Webinar
10th Jun 2020 Alison Gillwald New digital deal for (South) Africa Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) webinar on “Industrial Organization and the Economics of Digital Transformation” Webinar
25th Nov 2019 Alison Gillwald · Anri van der Spuy Conference paper – The Governance Of Global Digital Public Goods: Not Just A Crisis For Africa 2019 GigaNet Annual Symposium Berlin (Germany)
25th Nov 2019 Enrico Calandro Conference paper – Unpacking Cyber-Capacity Building in Shaping Cyberspace Governance: the SADC case GIGAnet, IGF Berlin Berlin
23rd Oct 2019 Alison Gillwald Whose Revolution is it anyway, how do we make it ours? Commtrend SAICA Conference 2019 Johannesburg
9th Sep 2019 Alison Gillwald Fourth Industrial Revolution? African School of Internet Governance (AfriSIG) N'djamena
2nd Sep 2019 Enrico Calandro Enabling a Digital Economy in Africa African Union Commission PRIDA Meeting Cape Town
23rd Jul 2019 Alison Gillwald · Anri van der Spuy Demand-side Valuation of Public Goods for More Equitable Access to the Internet: Global Governance of Public Goods MISTRA & UJ Conference, Democracy in South Africa: The Next 25 years Johannesburg
27th Mar 2019 Alison Gillwald · Onkokame Mothobi Measuring of the digital economy in Africa Oii GEONET African Digital Economy Johannesburg
5th Mar 2019 Lynnet Taylor What is data justice for South Africa? Data Justice Seminar, Nelson Mandela School Cape Town
30th Jan 2019 Alison Gillwald · Gesche Joost Digital Innovation Nelson Mandela School Public Lecture Series 2019: Civic design for an inclusive African digital society Cape Town
16th Jan 2019 Chenai Chair Understanding gender barriers in internet access and use UN Office for South-South Cooperation workshop discussion on Women in Tech Johannesburg