Arthur Gwagwa


Arthur Gwagwa is a senior research associate at Strathmore law school in Nairobi. A member of the Open Technology Fund Advisory Council, the IEEE working group on algorithmic bias considerations, and RANTIP-Microsoft AI researcher, Arthur’s research focus is mostly on the intersection of emerging technologies, human rights, law, policy, and ethics with a large focus on Sub Saharan Africa and China. He has contributed to various United Nations projects on different themes including the right to privacy, artificial intelligence (AI) ethics and to Global Affairs Canada Symposium on AI geopolitics. With a background in law practice, Arthur has a background in the protection of refugees under article 8 of the European Convention and the protection of indigenous and minority populations in Zimbabwe.

Research Description

To what extent is Sub Saharan Africa included in the emerging global artificial intelligence ethics initiatives?

Arthur Gwagwa talks about why education in AI is important at the kick-off of the new Network of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence for Development in Nairobi.(Video)

Arthur Gwagwa, RANITP Fellow
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