The Impact of Telecommunication Regulatory Policy on Mobile Retail Price in Sub-Sharan African Countries

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Senior Researcher, Onkokame Mothobi, makes use of the RIA African Mobile Pricing Indices to investigate the effect of telecommunication regulatory policies on Mobile Retail Prices.  The paper "The Impact of Telecommunication Regulatory Policy on Mobile Retail Price in Sub-Sharan African Countries" uses quarterly data for 8 African countries for the period 2010:Q4 to 2014:Q4 to estimate structural demand and [...]

Infrastructure Deficiencies and Adoption of Mobile Money in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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On Monday the 20th of March 2017, our Senior Researcher, Onkokame Mothobi presented the paper "Infrastructure Deficiencies and Adoption of Mobile Money in Sub-Saharan Africa" at the CSAE conference: Economic Development in Africa. The paper was co-authored with Lukasz Grzybowski. It makes use of Research ICT Africa Household survey data to respond to the main research question. [...]

#DataMustFall: A lost cause

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The #DataMustFall campaign is an initiative that was masterfully founded by Mr Molefe with the intention of protesting against high mobile data prices thus being a solution for the average South African and the unemployed, who cannot access mobile broadband services as a result of the high pricing of data bundles. Following its launch and its [...]

South African mobile contract user? What contract will give you the best value for money?

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The year 2016 has kicked off with South Africa’s smallest operators offering consumers excellent contract value. As of the beginning of 2016 there are 96 basic contracts in the market (without devices) which are then adapted to include devices. These contracts have been analysed using Research ICT Africa’s postpaid value index (PVI).  Consumers care about price [...]

Participate in a Mobile Broadband Performance Study!

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Do you have an Android phone? Help researchers at Research ICT Africa, University of Maryland, College Park, University of Cape Town and Princeton University learn more about mobile broadband performance  and how South African's use mobile data and manage the high cost of data. Download and install our mobile app ( or scan the QR code) and [...]