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Big Data and social research: a necessary partnership?

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source: www.rktrans2cloud.com When researchers want to study people, their behaviours, and patterns, they would have to budget most of the project’s timeline to observing, recording and capturing data. Today’s “Smart” devices are denoted as such due to their ability to connect to the internet, in addition to storing and sharing vast amounts of data. [...]

Enough Talk of the Problem: Whats the solution to connecting the next billion in Africa?

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Organisers: Sylvia Musalagani (HiVOS East Africa) and Chenai Chair (Research ICT Africa) Panelists: Hanane Boujemi (IGMENA), Riva Jalipa (Article 19 East Africa), Mohamed El Gohary(Global Voices) Jochai Ben-Avie (Mozilla) & Chenai Chair. Moderator: Ephraim Percy Kenyanito (Access Now) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Focusing on the issue of connectivity first as part of internet governance and access as a right, [...]