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African digital platforms and the future of digital financial services

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By Renée Hunter, Chernay Johnson and Matthew Dunn This blog was first published on CENFRI As societies and economies change, so should the financial products that serve them. The insight2impact facility ׀ i2i in partnership with Research ICT Africa have created this series of infographics to describe their key findings on multi-sided platforms, and the individuals [...]

WEF: Understanding the gender gap in the Global South

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By Alison Gillwald for the World Economic Forum Despite there being no accurate data available at the global level to support claims currently being made in various gender and information and communication technology (ICT) indices, it is important to recognise the relevance of equality in access and use of the internet to social and [...]

AfterAccess wins EQUALSinTech 2018 Research Award

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Aileen Aguero, Alison Gillwald and Helani Galpaya. Credit ITU Flicker On September 22, 2018, AfterAccess was presented with the 2018 EQUALS in Tech Award for research, which honours efforts to close the ICT gender gap through research. AfterAccess was recognized for its contribution to addressing the gender gap through the collection of robust data on [...]

After Access: The state of ICT in South Africa

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Increasing Internet connections suggests a bridging of the digital divide yet, as more people are connected, digital inequality paradoxically increases. Inequality exists not only between people online and offline, but also between those who have the skills and financial resources to use the Internet optimally, and those who do not. Without policy interventions to reduce these disparities offline [...]

We can’t tell if we’re closing the digital divide without more data

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In the blog post for the World Economic Forum, Dr Alison Gillwald critically takes a look at the evidence challenge for developing countries in order to close the digital divide.  The blog highlights that in pre-paid mobile markets the only way to obtain such data is through nationally representative demand-side surveys, such as the AfterAccess [...]

Vacancy-Research Manager

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Research ICT Africa conducts research on digital policy and regulation that facilitates evidence-based policy making for improved access, use and application of ICT for sustainable development in Africa and in the Global South and we are looking for a Research Manager to join our team! Key responsibilities of the job include: Research management and leadership (50%) [...]

Opportunity alert: Data Scientist/Analyst

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Do you want to be at the pulse of digital policy in Africa? Do you have ideas about how data can be used innovatively to develop an evidence base for policymakers to ensure digital inclusion and contribute to sustainable development? Are you comfortable moving between economic and social indicators and technical measurements and big [...]

After Access highlights: Using evidence from the Global South to reshape our digital future

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After Access highlights: Using evidence from the Global South to reshape our digital future Research ICT Africa conducted informal sector, household and individual surveys in seven African countries- Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda and Mozambique in 2017. The surveys are part of a global initiative on producing much-needed quality data on ICT [...]

State of ICT in Lesotho

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While Lesotho has made significant progress towards its national vision of 2020, it faces several challenges as a small landlocked, lower-middle income country, with mountainous terrain and low population density outside of the capital, Maseru. The five-year National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2012/13 - 2016/17 identified ICTs as the backbone of a modern economy [...]

What is the state of micro-work in Africa? A view from seven countries

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There has been considerable hype about the potential of online work to contribute to economic growth and development and ameliorate unemployment in Africa through the creation of jobs, particularly ‘decent work’, by freeing citizens from geographic constraints of labour demand and misalignment of skills and resources in national economies. This study of microwork or platform work across seven African countries [...]