Research ICT Africa attending Africa eCommerce Week

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Research ICT Africa is attending The Africa eCommerce Week  in Nairobi jointly organised by the African Union and the European Union. The event is hosted by the Government of Kenya and implemented in collaboration with partners of the eTrade for all initiative. Our Executive Director, Dr. Alison Gillwald and Senior Researcher, Dr Onkokame Mothobi will [...]

Discussing Freedoms Online

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This week Prof. Alison Gillwald and Anri van der Spuy will be participating in the Freedom Online Conference – Internet Freedom at a Crossroads: Common Paths towards Strengthening Human Rights Online, in Berlin. The Conference, which takes place from 28 to 30 November, is the flagship event of the Freedom Online Coalition, bringing together [...]

Parliament Presentation: Digital Inequality in South Africa

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Prof. Alison Gillwald will be presenting on the 26th of November before the Parliamentary Committee on Telecommunications and Postal Services as it conducts its public hearings on the Electronic Communications Amendment Bill.  Prof Gillwald will make a presentation to the committee on an update on the issues pertaining to the cost to communicate. In particular, the measures [...]

IGF Panel Discussion on Collaborative Models for Cybersecurity: The Mauritius Case

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What is the rationale for multistakeholder collaboration in cybersecurity policymaking? How can multistakeholder collaborations in cybersecurity be improved in Africa? What are the challenges of implementing them? What forms should multistakeholder collaborations for cybersecurity take? What are the key success factors experienced by the different stakeholders involved in such collaborations? Those are some of the questions that will [...]

Opinion: All sectors need to embrace digital economy to spur economic growth

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Policy clarity, investments and reducing data prices so everyone can afford to be online will assist SA in the fourth industrial revolution 08 NOVEMBER 2018 By ALISON GILLWALD for Business Day As we moved to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s investment summit on the back of the jobs summit held last month, the department of telecommunications [...]

CyberBRICS fellowship program

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CyberBRICS Fellowship Programme to be hosted at FGV Law School, Rio de Janeiro. The programme will offer five remunerated fellowships, from February to July 2019, at FGV DIREITO RIO, to support selected scholars having relevant experience in data protection and cybersecurity frameworks in at least one of the BRICS countries. The full Call for Applications [...]

Data deficit means we’re in the dark about the digital divide

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By Alison Gillwald Article written for and published by The Conversation Africa Digital concerns underpin many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Gender equality, good health, quality education, industry innovation, smart and sustainable cities: these all require strong information and communications technology systems to become a reality. For all of this to happen, developing [...]

Facebook revelations: With greater connectivity comes greater responsibility

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By Anri van der Spuy There appears to be growing global consensus that internet platforms need to be better regulated following the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook revelations. But the how and what of such regulations still need to be considered and designed – especially in Africa. Mark Zuckerberg’s recent public testimony in Washington revealed just how [...]

South Africa Competition Commission Data Market inquiry

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Dr Onkokame Mothobi, RIA's senior researcher is participating in South Africa's Competiton Commission inquiry into the market for data services in South Africa - Data Services Market Inquiry. The inquiry serves to examine whether there are features or a combination of features in data services markets which prevent, distort or restrict competition and/or to achieve [...]

Welcome to ADPP fellow Dr Cecilia Matanga

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Research ICT Africa’s Digital Policy Project is happy to welcome a new senior fellow, Dr Cecilia Matanga, who has joined us as part of our policy team from August to support RIA’s activities in cyber policy. Cecilia completed her PhD in 2016 which focused on unravelling the role of parliament in ICT sector reforms in [...]