Information rights in a data age: #ICIC2019

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Information rights in a data age: #ICIC2019 By Anri van der SpuyOn the plane back from the recent International Conference of Information Commissioners(ICIC), an inflight magazine proudly presents an advertisement for the African Union’s common, electronic, biometric passport. While the passportis reportedly being developed to ‘facilitate free movement of persons across Africa’,[i]the advert neglects [...]

Public lecture series: What is data justice for (South) Africa, and who gets to decide?

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Nelson Mandela Public lecture series Name of speaker: Assoc. Prof. Linnet Taylor with Gabriella Razzano. Title of seminar: What is data justice for (South) Africa, and who gets to decide? 5 March 2018 Linkoping House, 27 Burg Road, Rondebosch -Cape Town. 16:00pm for 16:30pm RSVP- Wendy.Hendricks@uct.ac.za Email- communications@researchictafrica.net for live streaming link   "How should [...]

Steps and Issues of Privatization of the Telecom Sector in Ethiopia – በሚል በዶ/ር ሊሻን አዳምና ዶ/ር አሊሰን ጊልዋልድከተፃፈው የተወሰደ)ዋናውን ሪፖርት

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Authors: Dr. Lishan Adam with Henock Fantahun and Dr Onkokame  Mothobi After Access series Editor: Dr. Alison Gillwald Contact: lishan@ictfd.net and agillwald@researchictafrica.net The announcement of the privatisation of Ethio Telecom has generated much interest and have improved the prospects of a competitive ICT sector in Ethiopia. This paper discusses some of the critical steps that the government of [...]

Addressing Cyber crime in South Africa – CyberBRICS fellowship

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Blog post by Sagwadi Mabunda  As the newest member of the Research ICT Africa team, I recently started a CyberBRICS fellowship which will soon take me to FGV Law Rio De Janeiro Law School, Brazil. During this RIA fellowship, I plan to start work on a three-part series of journal articles that theorise some of [...]

Women in Tech: Understanding the gender barriers

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Women in Tech Africa: A follow-up activity on the 2018 Accra Summit on Women in Tech Date: 15th-17th January 2019 Venue: Johannesburg UN Office for South-South Cooperation This week we contributed to the discussion on addressing Women in Technology at the roundtable discussion in South Africa hosted by the United Nations office for South [...]

Submission to the Inquiry into the role and responsibilities of the ICASA in Cybersecurity

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Research ICT Africa welcomes the opportunity to submit written comments on the Inquiry into the role and responsibilities of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, published in the Government Gazette on the 28 September 2018. To that end, ICASA has published a discussion document soliciting the views of stakeholders on what should be [...]

The state of ICT in Nigeria 2018

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Policy Paper no. 3, Series 5: After Access State of ICT in Nigeria By Alison Gillwald, Fola Odufuwa, and Onkokame Mothobi. At a time when the ICT sector is most needed to bolster Nigeria’s ailing national economy, thesector finds itself under considerable politicaland regulatory pressure, with the country sliding down global indices and some playerseven [...]

Africa E Week: The need for statistics to measure the development impact of digitisation

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Senior Researcher, Dr Onkokame Mothobi presented at the Africa E Commerce week on the importance of data. This session discussed the insights that can be provided by the collection of statistics concerning the digital economy in Africa, which supports decision-making by policy-makers and other stakeholders. It highlighted recent work that has been done in this [...]