Keynote Address at the African Internet Governance Forum by Dr. Alison Gillwald

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KEYNOTE  - AFRICAN INTERNET GOVERNANCE FORUM Alison Gillwald (PhD) Executive Director: Research ICT Africa; Adjunct Professor: University of Cape Town. Your Excellency the President of Tchad, the Honourable Minister of Post and ICT, other Ministers present, Ambassadors, consular generals and other members of the diplomatic corps, President of the African Union Commission and colleagues [...]

RIA says #NoToXenophobia

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Research ICT Africa (RIA) has worked for nearly a decade with its partners throughout the continent. Being a pan-African organisation working with diverse networks and partners across the continent is a core component of our strength and resilience in our mission to research ICT access and use and to inform evidence-based digital policy. Throughout [...]

Enabling a Digital Economy in Africa – Presentation by Enrico Calandro at AUC-PRIDA Meeting

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Enabling a Digital Economy in Africa - Presentation by Enrico Calandro at AUC-PRIDA Meeting, 2nd September 2019. The Technical Assistance for the Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA), a project by the African Union Commission is partnership with the European Union, aims at delivering universally accessible and affordable broadband across the continent by [...]

7th Africa DNS Forum: African Digital Economy

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Africa has seen an exponential growth of mobile phone adoption over the past decade, to become one of the largest market joining Asia and Latin America. This has led to a lot of great innovations and creative ideas have emerged from the African continent. While Africa can potentially benefit from the digital economy, Research ICT [...]

Submission to SALC-Discussion Paper 149 on Sexual Offences: Pornography and Children

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How do we tackle online risks without sacrificing children’s digital futures? by Anri van der Spuy As access to the Internet increases in South Africa (albeit slowly), our  children’s exposure to both new opportunities and new risks also increase. This is perhaps why the South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC) is proposing wide-ranging reforms [...]

7th Africa DNS Forum : African Digital Economy session

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7thAfrica DNS Forum | 22 - 24 July 2019 | Gaborone, Botswana|Avani Hotel RIA presenter : Dr Onkokame Mothobi Panel: Africa Digital Economy. A reflection and an overview of key initiatives, current challenges and interventions and Digital ID & Africa Free Trade Zone as a single digital Economy  23 July 2019 -11:00-13:00 Live stream link: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/afdnsf2019 [...]

2017/2018 After Access survey data now available for download on DataFirst

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2017/2018 RIA After Access survey data now available at DataFirst The underlying datasets of the After Access surveys are curated by DataFirst. The data is now available having gone through a process of verification through independent peer review, public engagement and publication by Research ICT Africa. DataFirst is a research data service dedicated to giving open access to data [...]

Policy Brief: Visualisation and mapping does not compensate for poor data

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2019_Policy Brief Pricing No 1_Africa Data By Onkokame Mothobi (PhD) With Internet-based services taking the centre of an increasingly digital global economy, reliable and up to date data sets are crucial for the  formulation of evidence-based policy. Critical attention, however, should be paid to methodologies used to measure and compare indicators for policy formulation and to [...]

Visualisation and mapping does not compensate for poor data

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Visualisation and mapping does not compensate for poor data Subheading Policy Brief 1 (2019) By Onkokame Mothobi Highlights In 2019 a mapping of African data prices by Cable caused a stir by highlighting both the power of visualization and the problems with widely publicized and popularized poor data. In the absence of good data [...]

4IR in SA is too important to remain the domain of the elite

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By Alison Gillwald (PhD), Executive Director, Research ICT Africa & Adjunct Professor at the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance This opinion piece was first published on on Business Day Live on the 4th of July 2019. Since Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum’s announcement in 2016 of the impending Fourth Industrial Revolution [...]