Facebook revelations: With greater connectivity comes greater responsibility

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By Anri van der Spuy There appears to be growing global consensus that internet platforms need to be better regulated following the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook revelations. But the how and what of such regulations still need to be considered and designed – especially in Africa. Mark Zuckerberg’s recent public testimony in Washington revealed just how [...]

South Africa Competition Commission Data Market inquiry

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Dr Onkokame Mothobi, RIA's senior researcher is participating in South Africa's Competiton Commission inquiry into the market for data services in South Africa - Data Services Market Inquiry. The inquiry serves to examine whether there are features or a combination of features in data services markets which prevent, distort or restrict competition and/or to achieve [...]

Welcome to ADPP fellow Dr Cecilia Matanga

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Research ICT Africa’s Digital Policy Project is happy to welcome a new senior fellow, Dr Cecilia Matanga, who has joined us as part of our policy team from August to support RIA’s activities in cyber policy. Cecilia completed her PhD in 2016 which focused on unravelling the role of parliament in ICT sector reforms in [...]

Kenya has an opportunity to create a model data protection framework

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By Grace Mutung’u, research associate, Research ICT Africa Read Research ICT Africa's comments on Policy and Regulatory Framework for Data Protection in Kenya here  In  traditions of many Kenyan communities, spy missions were sent to establish the characteristics of the standing and ancestry of couples before a potential marriage. For example, a boy who [...]

After Access: Youth, Deprivation and the Internet in Africa

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Policy Paper no. 4, Series 5: After Access – Youth, Deprivation and Internet in Africa Research ICT Africa sought to understand the way in which young people make use of the internet within particular contexts as part of the After Access research series.The arising policy question was: What are the best approaches to ensuring that internet [...]

After Access: The state of ICT in South Africa

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Increasing Internet connections suggests a bridging of the digital divide yet, as more people are connected, digital inequality paradoxically increases. Inequality exists not only between people online and offline, but also between those who have the skills and financial resources to use the Internet optimally, and those who do not. Without policy interventions to reduce these disparities offline [...]

Welcome to ADPP fellow Dr Ian Brown

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Research ICT Africa’s Digital Policy Project is happy to welcome a new senior fellow, Dr Ian Brown, who has joined us as part of our cybersecurity policy team from September.    He brings a wealth of global and specialised expertise on cybercapacity research and development to support RIA’s activities in cyber policy. Ian will work on [...]

We can’t tell if we’re closing the digital divide without more data

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In the blog post for the World Economic Forum, Dr Alison Gillwald critically takes a look at the evidence challenge for developing countries in order to close the digital divide.  The blog highlights that in pre-paid mobile markets the only way to obtain such data is through nationally representative demand-side surveys, such as the AfterAccess [...]

Impetuous policies increasing digital divide In Uganda: Social media tax

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By Onkokame Mothobi and Chenai Chair. The Ugandan government seems to be moving in a policy direction that stifles uptake of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services. In a move to curb ‘gossip’ on social media platforms, all Internet subscribers in Uganda are to pay a tax of 200 Ugandan shillings (USD0.05) daily to use [...]

ITU Journal: ICT Discoveries

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Deadline extended until 30 July 2018! The second special issue of the ITU Journal: ICT Discoveries welcomes academic papers that offer insight into the increasing sophistication of techniques used to exchange and understand data, while also exploring how data can safely fuel more autonomous, human centric information and communication technologies. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the [...]