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2017/2018 After Access survey data now available for download on DataFirst

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2017/2018 RIA After Access survey data now available at DataFirst The underlying datasets of the After Access surveys are curated by DataFirst. The data is now available having gone through a process of verification through independent peer review, public engagement and publication by Research ICT Africa. DataFirst is a research data service dedicated to giving open access to data [...]

Policy Brief: Visualisation and mapping does not compensate for poor data

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2019_Policy Brief Pricing No 1_Africa Data By Onkokame Mothobi (PhD) With Internet-based services taking the centre of an increasingly digital global economy, reliable and up to date data sets are crucial for the  formulation of evidence-based policy. Critical attention, however, should be paid to methodologies used to measure and compare indicators for policy formulation and to [...]

After Access: The state of ICT in Kenya

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Policy Paper No.9, Series 5: After Access The State of ICT in Kenya By Margaret Nyambura Ndung’u, Charley Lewis and Onkokame Mothobi Kenya seeks to position itself in the future of this digital world and global economy, spearheading innovation in the area of mobile money. With more than half of the Kenyan population now banked, the benefits [...]

Walking the Talk: Feminist research to understand the African gendered digital divide

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By Chenai Chair  “It is not easy for a girl to leave home and purposely go, maybe, to a cybercafé to access the Internet. This is because girls have responsibilities like household chores well…[some] girls are also not interested in the Internet, and some choose to stay home, and those who have some interest [...]

SADC Parliamentary Forum presentation

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On Wednesday, 22 May, Alison Gillwald, Enrico Calandro and Anri van der Spuy presented policy options for the digital economy to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Parliamentary Forum (PF) meeting in Johannesburg. The two-hour session covered a range of issues pertaining to the governance of digital economies. A detailed report on the session, [...]