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Policy Briefs

Dip into our policy brief series for analysis on mobile and data pricing, cyber security and more.

Papers and Publications

A collection of our policy papers and reports on digital inequality and other ICT policy and regulation issues in Africa.

The RIA Podcast

The RIA podcast is hosted by Alex Comninos. Find the RIA podcast here and on your favourite podcast app.

Research Projects

RIA conducts research on ICT policy and regulation. Learn more about our research projects here!

Conference papers and presentations

RIA presents papers and analysis at local and international conferences. Find our inputs here!

After Access Surveys

The datasets of our After Access surveys are available for post graduate students to use.

RIA Africa Mobile Pricing (RAMP) Index

Visit our RAMP indices portal for the cheapest mobile pre-paid and bundle products in Africa.

Report: RIA@WORK 2015-2019

Read about our performance in the 2015-2019 RIA@WORK report.