Report: Observing the 2024 South African elections

This year, Research ICT Africa staff were accredited as election observers by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). Following electoral processes, we compiled a report on our findings at polling stations in the Cape Town area. This report provides qualitative assessments based on direct observations. In our assessment, the election was free and fair.

Research ICT Africa acknowledges the inherent challenges of conducting an election in South Africa. We commend the Electoral Commission of South Africa for its efforts while also noting that adequate budgetary resources are needed to fulfill this responsibility. Moreover, our report highlights the need for greater attention to the electoral process’s operational aspects. 

While voting was ultimately conducted fairly, the lack of a well-orchestrated process raises concerns about maintaining a rights-respecting democracy. Research ICT Africa underscores the necessity for substantial improvements in planning, training, and resource allocation for future elections. These improvements are essential to ensure that all eligible voters can exercise their rights, particularly in the event of higher than average voter turnout rates.