Beyond Access data: Research ICT Africa (RIA) ICT household surveys in 2017

RIA, a non-profit think tank focused on building evidence for ICT policy and regulation, will be resuming the Household and Individual ICT access and use survey again in January 2017 after a funding interregnum.   This round includes, nine African countries (Kenya, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa and Lesotho). The surveys are part of a global initiative on producing much needed quality data on ICT access and use in the global south. RIA will also co-ordinate the surveys with their sister networks LIRNEasia in four Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Cambodia) and DIRSI in five Latin American (Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina and Chile).

The in-depth questionnaire seeks to identify the “Beyond Access” constraints on Internet access and particularly use. All the traditional ICT indicators, fixed line, mobile phone, voice services and data will still be collected. The diverse areas of focus include but are not limited to:

• assessing gender inequality,
• affordability, user strategies to access services – zero rated services, social media use, use of free public Wi-Fi, community networks;
• barriers to use – affordability, skills, relevant content, language, literacy;
• use of public information and government services online;
• mobile money and online transacting;
• cybersecurity and rights online awareness –  trust, freedom of expression, privacy, surveillance;
• extent and nature of microwork (including gender)

RIA will also focus on the role of ICT in economic inclusion with an informal sector survey that is piggy backed on the household survey.
There are several opportunities for research topics for PhD, Masters or post-doc students from these surveys. Any students who would like to collaborate on this either through the data gathering and data analysis process or just wish to work independently with the dataset once it available, can contact There are are also work opportunities for those with high level econometric or statistical expertise and interest or expertise in ICTs or policy.

Household and Individual questionnaire

Business Survey questionnaire

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