Dr Bitange Ndemo joins Research ICT Africa Board

The successful former Permanent Secretary in the Kenyan Department of Communications, Dr Bitange Ndemo, has been appointed to the Research ICT Africa board.

Dr Ndemo’s tenure saw the rise of the Kenyan ICT sector with launching of undersea submarine cables, the mushrooming of business process outsourcing industry, the dramatic reduction in mobile termination rates (MTRs) in Kenya through effective regulation, the progressive leadership of Kenya on Internet Governance and the hosting of the first IGF in Africa, and attempts by Ndemo to pioneer an open data regime that would make government information freely available to its citizens in a single portal. The initiative was expected to set off a boom in apps development, but has been stifled by lack of cooperation from government departments to make their data available.

Dr Ndemo said: “I am delighted to be able to collaborate and advise RIA on the important issues addressed by their current research agenda – particularly in demand stimulation aspects of ICT policy and regulation that will allow more Africans to enjoy the social and economic benefits of broadband internet.“