Botswana telecommunications limp a decade after policy changes by Onkokame Mothobi on 23 February 2017

Even though the market continues to develop innovative broadband, competition in the market has remained dull. Competitors do not aggressively seek to increase their market shares and revenue, hence, first-mover Mascom, continues to dominate the market. Between 2014 and 2016, Mascom owned close to 55% of the market, while Orange owned around 28% and beMOBILE 17% on average. 

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Inclusive development and digital transformation in Africa-Research needs by Admin on 15 February 2017

RIA Executive Director, Prof. Alison Gillwald, addressed the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Telecommunications and Postal Services on Inclusive Development and Digital Transformation. 

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Developing Smart Public Wi-Fi in South Africa by Admin on 13 February 2017

With smartphones becoming increasingly available, even amongst lower income groups, and having the computing power and screen size needed for meaningful internet use, one promising solution to low internet access is free public Wi-Fi sponsored by the local authority. Provinces and cities in South Africa are starting to invest in coverage of underserviced areas and in their central business districts. Research ICT Africa conducted a supply and demand side assessment of public Wi-Fi initiative in South Africa in 2016. 

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Beyond Access data: Research ICT Africa (RIA) ICT household surveys in 2017 by Admin on 13 February 2017

RIA, a non-profit think tank focused on building evidence for ICT policy and regulation, will be resuming the Household and Individual ICT access and use survey again in January 2017 after a funding interregnum.   This round includes, nine African countries (Kenya, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa and Lesotho). The surveys are part of a global initiative on producing much needed quality data on ICT access and use in the global south. RIA will also co-ordinate the surveys with their sister networks LIRNEasia in four Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Cambodia) and DIRSI in five Latin American (Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina and Chile).  

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CPRsouth 2017: Call for paper proposals/abstracts by Admin on 13 February 2017

CPRsouth 2017: Connecting the next billion

Yangon, Myanmar
30th August- 1st September
 Deadline for submissions: 01 March 2017
Paper proposal on policy relevant research on ICTs from the Asia Pacific and Africa may be submitted for review.

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